Web&Mobile Apps

that increase conversions.
that get results.
that impact your bottom line.
that motivate your customers.
that communicate clearly.
that transform your business.
that compel visitors to take action.

Content Strategy
Tailored Design
Custom Development

What Makes Us Tick?
Don't tell anyone, but we'd do this stuff even if we weren't getting paid for it.

01Passion for Problem Solving
We eat, sleep, and breathe digital.As designers and engineers, little brings us as much satisfaction as solving our clients' problems. Together we'll uncover metrics, identify targets, validate hypotheses and test results as we formulate the best strategy to achieve your goals.
02Compelling Experiences By Design
Good looks only get you so far.In today's digital landscape, pretty websites and shiny apps alone are not enough. Our designers and strategists go deeper. They create digital experiences tailored to what your success depends on most: fulfilling your customers' needs.
03Custom Coded Solutions
You can't afford to be caught roadsidewith a site or app that is not driving your business forward. That's why our developers sweat what is under the hood. They meticulously craft each line of code and engineer solutions with future growth in mind.
IOS AppsAndroid AppsRails Development
UX StrategyStartupsAgile Development
E CommerceContent Management Systems (CMS)
Responsive WebsitesWeb Applications

What Can You Expect From Us?
Call us old fashioned, but we still believe how
we deliver is just as important as what we deliver.

We Keep Our

This type of work requires a deep partnership with our clients. More than that, it requires their trust. Keeping our commitments keeps their trust. It’s that simple.

We Put our Clients’
Needs First

Despite being a certified EFW (ego-free workplace), there’s no shortage of opinions among our team. One thing we all agree on, however, is the client comes first.

We Take Pride
in Our Work

Some think we’re obsessive perfectionists. We prefer to think of ourselves as digital craftsmen. The truth is we know every pixel and every line of code matters when creating awesomeness.

Meet the Team
ClearSight has been making clients happy in Portland and beyond with awesome websites and apps since 2005.

Jamon Holmgren
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Jed Bartausky
Account Manager
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Ryan Linton
Lead Software Engineer
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Justin Huskey
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Yulian Glukhenko
Design Engineer
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Silas J. Matson
Software Engineer
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Kevin VanGelder
Software Engineer
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Carlin Isaacson
Systems Engineer
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Denton Holmgren
Customer Support
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Leon Kim
Software Engineer
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AJ Robertson
Design Engineer
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Zachary Berkompas
Client Services Manager
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Jessica Hori
Software Engineer
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