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We'll bring your idea to life with our rock solid process. We are committed to doing things right the first time.

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A better way of building apps

Great apps need the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team who work together-from planning to implementation. Our process allows our strategists, designers, and developers to work side-by-side on your project. They'll solve the unique challenges your app poses and uncover ways to make it even better than you imagined.

Reduce Risk, Maximize Budget

We're more than just strategists, designers, and technologists. We're also business partners. We'll help you weigh options, make recommendations, and achieve maximum results with your budget. Whatever your market, we can help you reach goals and set you apart from your competition.

The Best Apps Are Game Changers

Great apps have the potential to disrupt markets, multiply productivity, reduce costs or even go viral. But they can also go terribly wrong. The truth is that any worthwhile project will have unforeseen challenges to overcome, pitfalls to avoid, and wrong assumptions to be righted. This is where we are at our best. We have the knowledge and skills to help you mitigate risk, make smart trade-offs, and get the maximum value for your budget.

How Much Will It Cost?

Every project involves unique technical challenges and unknowns. At the start of a project, we know the least about it, so any estimates will be rough and probably inaccurate. Instead of trying to set a fixed price and fixed scope, we help our clients answer, "What should I budget to have enough resources to succeed?" Once the budget is estimated, we adjust the scope in either breadth or depth, incorporating new knowledge and ideas as we get deeper into the project. This shifts the focus from pushing out a set number of features to creating the best app possible.

Typical Project Budgets

$20-40k Concept app $25-60k Simple responsive site or web app $40-75k Large responsive site $25-100k+ Native iOS app or native Android app $40-100k Responsive eCommerce site $60-150k+ Complex web app

Leaders in mobile development
Creators of RedPotion

We’re so passionate about app development that we created an open source framework to make it easier. iOS and Ruby developers around the world use RedPotion to create iPhone and iPad apps.

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Are we a match?

Our favorite projects are those in which our strategists, designers, and developers are working as a team. We place high emphasis on the user experience, design, and business objectives. The projects we provide the most value on are those with clear technical challenges. We love solving these and helping clients that are poised to make large strides.

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